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Odor Fogger It’s Believeable™ Neutralizing Fogger Spray Can

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Believeable™ Odor Neutralizing Fogger is designed to eliminate odors in large spaces. Its unique blend of ingredients will attack both airborne odor-causing agents and those found on or embedded in the many surfaces within the treatment area. Believeable dispenses as a fine, penetrating mist that chemically breaks down malodors, leaving the area smelling clean and fresh. Each 3 oz. can is capable of treating up to 3000 cubic feet in one simple application. Believeable is effective against a broad spectrum of odors including those associated with cooking, body odors, smoke, decay, trash, sweat, urine, feces, and pet odors. It is ideally suited for use in nursing homes, school buildings, hotels, trash rooms, apartments, office buildings, and anywhere else odor is a problem.


24oz, 2 Pack of 24oz, 4 Pack of 24oz


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