Air Diffusers

For Aromatherapy, Scent Branding and Scent Marketing

Soothe. Balance. Scent.

You can blow out those scented candles and unplug those wall fragrances. Eliminate odors and make your home smell exactly how you want it. Our air diffusers use essential oils to fragrance any space you desire.

Meet Tabletop Breeze™

Pacific Breeze has done it again. Meet our new Tabletop Breeze™ Odor Diffuser with Nono-technology. Eliminate odors/scent brand and look good doing it. With its sleek, compact design and Pacific Breeze's proprietary blend of essential oils and odor counteract-ants it is perfect for your scent branding and odor eliminating needs in any setting. Great for your medical and professional settings, Apt. Bldg. Offices and common areas, jewelry stores, hotels, casinos and much more...
Covers up to 600 sq ft. (55 sq meters)

Meet Little Breeze™ Diffuser

Easy installation! Diffusers work by breaking down essential oil into micro-molecules then projecting them into the air to fill a room or work environment. As the oil breaks down it is released as a fine vapor throughout the air. The oil break down also releases natural ozone which freshens and improves the quality of the air.
Covers up to 1,000 sq ft. (90 sq meters)

Meet Medium Breeze™ Diffuser

Easy installation! The Dry Breeze Diffuser scents your business or home through an atomizing diffuser system. A built-in 24 hour battery back-up on-off timer makes it easy to program scent diffusion at specific times of the day. Perfect for odor control applications in extra large areas such as lobbies, banquet halls, casinos, hospitals, social areas and much more.
Covers up to 3000 sq ft. (275 sq meters)

Meet Large Breeze™ & Xtra-Large Breeze™ Diffuser

The Large Breeze™ utilizes the one-tank system and the Xtra-Large Breeze™ utilizes the two-tank system! BIG spaces galore! This unit will generate a beautiful aroma for the entire facility or space covering up-to 16,000 SQ FT. Customers will enter your hotel, business, office, lobby, or large space and will experience the subtle tones dispersed through the molecular scenting system. It connects to your existing HVAC for easy installation.
Large Breeze: Covers up to 8,000 sq ft. (740 sq meters)
Xtra-Large Breeze: Covers up to 16,000 sq ft. (1,450 sq meters)

Aromatherapy and Scent Branding Diffuser Solutions

Our Air Diffusers are intended for positive aromatherapy and scent branding effects. The latest technology can scent your home, office or business with the high quality 100% pure aroma oil scents we have to offer!

The best Aromatherapy Solutions available! Our Aromatherapy and Scent Branding solutions work great in living rooms, home offices, work offices, gyms, health centers, retail spaces, commercial spaces, restaurants, cafes, schools, universities, warehouses, and large spaces!  There is no space too big or too small!


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Air Diffusers For Aromatherapy, Scent Branding and Scent Marketing

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